Who are we?

Founded in 2003, the ESI private cosmetic research and development services are completely focused on formula performance and quality. With the challenges of developing globally compatible and complaint formulas, we are dedicated to providing our customers their own personalized formulation request that meets the rigorous cosmetics and personal care standards of ever changing regulations and tremendous performance and quality standards.

Our goal

Ethno technicians in the lab

Is always to create spectacular formulas that address your specific needs as well as meeting your customers desire to be second to none. This has enabled us to deliver high quality formulation services how you want them. Our dedicated team of scientists brings together creative expertise for every project. The increasing importance of formula performance differentiation and safety has boosted creativity to the forefront of the formulation agenda. We believe that every customer has a different need and as a result, different aspects of our services are utilized. We offer all our customers the complete formulation experience and guaranteed performance.